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CS 299MXL2

CS 299MXL2
CS 299MXL2
Machine Length: 490mm
Machine Width: 450
Machine Height: 1100mm
Machine Weight: 60kg
Air Supply: Compressed air at 7 bars using 5 litres per cycle
Moulding Width: 5mm - 150mm
Moulding Height: 7mm - 112mm
Smallest Internal Frame Size: 85mm x 85mm

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Wide joining capacity : 190mm stroke (7’’½)
For mouldings up to 150mm wide (6’’) and 112mm high (4’’ 2/5)

Ultra Powerful Double-action « push and tighten » rebate clamp
Position one of the moulding pieces up to the guide, then lay the second piece roughly place. The special action of the clamps draws them accurately and firmly together. Indeed, the clamps literally bite into the rebate of the 2 pieces of mouldings to pull and tighten them very strongly against each other. This ensures a high qualityjoin every time, even on very wide mouldings. This is unique to Cassese.

New retractable Ultra clamp system
Patented “Ultra” clamp system now retrac ts into table leaving a flat surface.
Great for handling big frames!

Patented adjustable fences
Adjusts for « less than perfect » 45 cuts and backs not 9 to bottom, in order to prevent gaps in the top or bottom of the join.

Clamping of mouldings activated by foot-pedal

Wedge firing activated by push button

Automatic position lock
Carriage is locked in position during insertion of nails allowing for consistent stacking of nails.

Built-in extension arms for large frames

New magnetic XL adjustable top clamp
Quickly adjust hold down height. Just change rubber end for hardwood or softwood.
Now with quick-change magnetic hold-downs.

No tools required to change wedges’ sizes
Uses only genuine Cassese patented cartridge wedges. They are color coded with a full range of sizes available ( 3, 5, 7, 10, 12, and 15 ) most available in hardwood and softwood versions.
Quality and performance!

No need to adjust the pressure of the wedge shooting system
When changing between softwood wedges and hardwood wedges

Minimum service required

Button to adjust the pressure of the horizontal clamps.
To be used when you replace regular clamps with optional soft rubber clamps or whenyou join very softwood moulding.

Machine Dimensions
Machine Length 490mm
Machine Width 450
Machine Height 1100mm
Machine Weight 60kg
Air Supply Compressed air at 7 bars using 5 litres per cycle
Moulding Size
Moulding Width 5mm - 150mm
Moulding Height 7mm - 112mm
Smallest Internal Frame Size 85mm x 85mm
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